You Found Me
Lyrics and music by Kimberly and Jeremy Sorensen
(c) 2013 Sorensen Music Publishing BMI

I used to think there was a place
That I could call home
But no one would have me
My hope was fading 
Feeling lost and alone
I'm alone
I'm alone

You found me
In the darkest of nights
When I was afraid
You found me
Now I can sing
Now I am free
You found me

Verse 2
Love was a word I never knew of
My scars are proof I'm alive
But out of the ashes 
Came a hand to rescue
Lifted me up from the mire
You lifted me
Lifted me

You saved me (2x)

Chorus 2
You found me
When I thought all was lost 
Wanted to give up
Then You found me
Forever I'm yours
Forever I'll sing