Music by Jeremy Sorensen - Lyrics by Dustin Burnett/Doug McKelvey/Jeremy Sorensen/David Hintze
© 2014 Sorensen Publishing BMI  - Red Coco Publishing (admin by Fun Attic Music, LLC) ASCAP 

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Verse 1
Staring up at the stars tonight
You're here in my arms, You're here in my arms
Far away from the city lights
We've weathered the storm, We've weathered the storm

It's been a hurricane
And we've known the rain
But to be with you was enough

And now the clouds are gone
And we're still holding on right here


And when the sky breaks

We see our love remain

Its beautiful


And when the fire falls
We rise above it all
It's beautiful


And when the shadows seem so strong

We're holding on to hope, and keeping this light on

'Cuz when its you and I

It's beautiful


Verse 2 
When we run down the darkest roads
Where the enemies march
And believing is hard

And when we stand at the edge of hurt
I'm holding your heart
We won't be apart


'Cuz when the hurricanes bring the driving rains
And it's a fight just to to keep holding on 

We'll see the storms are gone
Our love is burning strong right here